We are delighted to release ‘Midlife Hollow’, the third track of our upcoming album ‘Antidote’. Have a good trip!

Music video by Steven Blatter – Progressive Pictures
Starring Baptiste Gilliéron

“‘Midlife Hollow’ has always been one of our favourite tracks from ‘Antidote’. Musically speaking, it is rather atypical in its construction while remaining perfectly coherent with the band’s universe. In an atmosphere both tense and melancholic, the song speaks of the loss of illusions, the extinction of the inner fire, the rise of bitterness, the settling into solitude and the awareness of the brevity of existence. We are confronted with an unalterable destiny that holds us in its iron hand, as evoked by the telluric finale of the track.”

‘Antidote’ is set to worldwide release on May 21st, 2021 on Season of Mist. All details here.